Finally, a Daemon by Essence is call’d a Dae∣mon, not by respect to Sequents, nor by rea∣son of some similitude to another thing, but has got his Property of himself, and has a cer∣tain distinct Existence, and his proper Powers, and his different ways of acting. Indeed the rational Soul in Timaeus is always call’d an Animal Daemon, but he does not mean it a Daemon simply; for when we say a Daemon sim∣ply, its a certain middle Nature betwixt Gods and Men. By Plotinus and others, its quaeried, whether our Minds are mov’d of themselves to Desires and Determinations, or by the im∣pulse of some Deity. And first, they said humane Minds were spontaneously mov’d; but they found upon search, that we were impell’d to all honest Actions, by a certain Familiar Genius or Numen, given us at our Birth; and that we desire or covet evil things by our Mind: For it cannot be that we covet evil things by the Will of a Deity, whom, its manifest, no Evil can please; tho’ doubt∣less by many of the Platonicks, the Affections also with which we are carried away, are call’d Daemons.

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