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The purpose of is to help you experience the writing styles of talented writers.

You can find the authors and literary works in the Books Tab, on the left (the full list is also available in the Authors and Works section in our Resources area in the main menu). If the text that is of interest to you is not yet included in our library, add the text to the Library through "Add Text" in "Your Literature Additions".

To select texts, in the Books Tab on the left, click on the Author’s name, see the works available and tick the box next to the work to select it; tick the box next to the author’s name to select all of his/her works. Click on any title to see the full source text in the lower part of the screen.

Once you have selected or uploaded texts, use the Words tab, to search the texts by word and explore complete concordances for any word, in the context of the full source text.

Note: To use the Writing Aid and some of our other functionalities, we ask you to join Quotations. See the Librarian section in the main menu. The Writing Aid functionality allows you to receive impromptu suggestions based on your writing (double-click on any word in your writing to examine it in detail). For any technical questions on how to use Quotations, please refer to the GUIDE in the main menu.

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When quotations are shown above, click on any quotation to see the full source text in this area; you will be taken to the location of the quotation in the text; scroll through the text to examine the quotation in context.

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