Nincompoop, Nincompoopiana

Etymology: < nincompoop n. + -iana suffix.

“nincompoopiana, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2021. Web. 12 April 2021.


A simpleton, a foolish person. Etymology: Origin uncertain

“nincompoop, n.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2021. Web. 12 April 2021.

Now –Ten thousand, and ten thousand times ten thousand (for matter and motion are infinite) are the ways by which a hat may be dropped upon the ground, without any effect. —-Had he flung it, or thrown it, or cast it, or skimmed it, or squirted it, or let it slip or fall in any possible direction under heaven, –or in the best direction that could be given to it, —had he dropped it like a goose–like a puppy–like an ass–or in doing it, or even after he had done, had he looked like a fool–like a ninny–like a nincompoop–it had fail’d, and the effect upon the heart had been lost.

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—-That it is no way a proper subject for satire——
—-Why then was it left so? And here without staying for my reply, shall I be called as many blockheads, numsculs, doddypoles, dunderheads, ninny-hammers, goosecaps, joltheads, nincompoops, and sh- -t-a-beds—- and other unsavoury appellations, as ever the cake-bakers of Lernè cast in the teeth of King Garangantan’s shepherds —-And I’ll let them do it, as Bridget said, as much as they please; for how was it possible they should foresee the necessity I was under of writing the 25th chapter of my book, before the 18th, &c.?
——So I don’t take it amiss —-All I wish is, that it may be a lesson to the world, “to let people tell their stories their own way.”

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And for some time he continued his dissertation upon Imperialism, militarism, and international politics. But their talking put him out, and for a time he was certainly merely repeating abusive terms, “prancin’ nincompoops” and the like, old terms and new. Then suddenly he remembered his essential grievance. “’Owever, look ‘ere–‘ere!–the thing I started this talk about is where’s that food there was in that shed? That’s what I want to know. Where you put it?” He paused.

They went on talking in German. He repeated his question. They disregarded him. He asked a third time in a manner insupportably aggressive.

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