MW Coole violets, and orpine growing still,/Embathed balme, and chearfull galingale,/Fresh costmarie, and breathfull camomill, /Dull poppie, and drink-quickning setuale*,/Veyne-healing verven, and hed-purging dill,/Sound savorie, and bazil hartie-hale,/Fat colworts, and comf√≥rting perseline**,/Colde lettuce, and refreshing rosmarine. [* Setuale, valerian.][** Perseline,…

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MW And when the Company of Death arrivedAt twenty-hours,–the way they reckon here,–We say, at sunset, after dinner-time,–The Count was led down, hoisted up on car,Last of the five, as heinousest, you know:Yet they allowed one whole car to each…

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