They were advised by various parts of the room in divers tongues to dream of their wives, to be careful of themselves in bed, to avoid catching cold, and to attend to a number of personal wants before retiring. The symphony gradually collapsed, leaving me sitting in a state of complete wonderment, dead tired and very happy, upon my paillasse.

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For that part of Gods Law which bindes alwayes, bound before it was written, and so it is but dictamen rectae rationis; and that is the Law of nature. And therefore Jsidore as it is related into the Canons, dividing all Law into divine and humane, addeth [Divine consists of nature, Humane of custome] Yet though these three be almost all one; yet because one thing may be commanded divers waies, and by divers authorities, as the common Law, a Statute, and a Decree of an arbitrary Court, may bind me to do the same thing, it is necessary that we weigh the obligation of every one of these Laws which are in the Definition.

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