MW April 21, 2021

So he discovered the great secret: to stand alone as his own judge of himself, absolutely. He took his stand absolutely on his own judgment of himself. Then, the mongrel-mouthed world would say and do what it liked. This is the greatest secret of behaviour: to stand alone, and judge oneself from the deeps of one’s own soul. And then, to know, to hear what the others say and think: to refer their judgment to the touchstone of one’s own soul-judgment. To fear one’s own inward soul, and never to fear the outside world, nay, not even one single person, nor even fifty million persons.

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And with what shield upon Alsace-Lorraine
Her wary sister’s doubtful look misreads
A mother’s throbs for her lost: so loved: so near:
Magnetic. Hard the course for her to steer,
The leap against the sharpened spikes restrain.
For the belted Overshadower hard the course,
On whom devolves the spirit’s touchstone, Force:

Which is the strenuous arm, to strike inclined,
That too much adamantine makes the mind;
Forgets it coin of Nature’s rich Exchange;
Contracts horizons within present sight:
Amalekite to-day, across its range
Indisputable; to-morrow Simeonite.

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Touchstone in Locke and Hume.

Is pride thy heart’s desire?
Is power thy climbing aim?
Is love thy folly’s fire?
Is wealth thy restless game?
Pride, power, love, wealth, and all
Time’s touchstone shall destroy,
And, like base coin, prove all
Vain substitutes for joy.

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