Forfend, Forefend


Then gently said the Goddesse: Sirs, why doe you me forfend
The water? Nature doth to all in common water send.
For neither Sunne, nor Ayre, nor yet the Water private bee,
I seeke but that which natures gift hath made to all things free.

Wee are not woont the desolate our countrye to forfend.

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On mine honour,
I’ll point you where you shall have such receiving
As shall become your highness; where you may
Enjoy your mistress; from the whom, I see,
There’s no disjunction to be made, but by,
As heavens forfend, your ruin.
Marry her,
And with my best endeavours in your absence
Your discontenting father strive to qualify
And bring him up to liking.

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Here he knelt then ín regimental red.
Forth Christ from cupboard fetched, how fain I of feet
To his youngster take his treat!
Low-latched in leaf-light housel his too huge godhead.

There! and your sweetest sendings, ah divine,
By it, heavens, befall him! as a heart Christ’s darling,
Tongue true, vaunt- and tauntless;
Breathing bloom of a chastity in mansex fine.
Frowning and forefending angel-warder
Squander the hell-rook ranks sally to molest him;

March, kind comrade, abreast him;
Dress his days to a dexterous and starlight order.

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