“Odd fish!” “Poor fellow!” “Who can he be?” “Casper Hauser.” “Bless my soul!” “Uncommon countenance.” “Green prophet from Utah.” “Humbug!””Singular innocence.” “Means something.” “Spirit-rapper.” “Moon-calf.” “Piteous.” “Trying to enlist interest.” “Beware of him.” “Fast asleep here, and, doubtless, pick-pockets on board.” “Kind of daylight Endymion.” “Escaped convict, worn out with dodging.” “Jacob dreaming at Luz.”

Such the epitaphic comments, conflictingly spoken or thought, of a miscellaneous company, who, assembled on the overlooking, cross-wise balcony at the forward end of the upper deck near by, had not witnessed preceding occurrences.

Meantime, like some enchanted man in his grave, happily oblivious of all gossip, whether chiseled or chatted, the deaf and dumb stranger still tranquilly slept, while now the boat started on her voyage.

The Confidence-Man Melville, Herman 1857

Spirit-rapper in Melville.