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Examples of usage by other authors:

I felt my soul receding into some pleasant and vicious region; and there again I found it waiting for me. It began to confess to me in a murmuring voice and I wondered why it smiled continually and why the lips were so moist with spittle. But then I remembered that it had died of paralysis and I felt that I too was smiling feebly as if to absolve the simoniac of his sin.

Dubliners Joyce, James 1915

A restless feeling of guilt would always be present with him: he would confess and repent and be absolved, confess and repent again and be absolved again, fruitlessly.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Joyce, James 1904

“But, dear one,” she said, with such spiritual intensity that her eyes were like pole stars, “it is I who wish it; and it is not for myself. You can ask Dr. Van Helsing if I am not right; if he disagrees you may do as you will. Nay, more, if you all agree, later, you are absolved from the promise.”

Dracula Stoker, Bram 1897

β€œAnd yet,” said I, smiling, β€œI cannot quite hold myself absolved from the charge of sensationalism which has been urged against my records.”

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Doyle, Arthur Conan 1892

“Well,” thought Dick, “between then and now I will find me the means to bring that traitor under; for I think, by the mass, that I be now absolved from any gratitude or obligation; and when war is open, there is a fair chance for all.”

The Black Arrow Stevenson, Robert Louis 1888

Mont. Even so !
Oh ! good Francisco ! Heaven absolve my soul,
If, without proof, I judge a fellow creature ;
But shrewd suspicion points at Alferenzi :
A rival’s hate alone could prompt an act
So fraught with ruin ! Oh ! my gallant Albert !

The Poetical Works of Mary Robinson Robinson, Mary 1800

Now, now the mighty treasure give,
In her for whom alone I live:
In sterling love pay all the sum,
And I’ll absolve the fates to come.

Poems Barbauld, Anna Laetitia 1773

CORB: Right, I do conceive you.
MOS: And then they do it by experiment;
For which the law not only doth absolve them,
But gives them great reward
: and he is loth
To hire his death, so.
CORB: It is true, they kill,
With as much license as a judge.

Volpone Jonson, Ben 1606